Hey There Sweetie Pie !

images-3If I ask you to stop by the house for dessert, I may also ask you to bring the dessert!

Yes, just desserts with friends is becoming more and more a part of entertaining in the home; especially this time of year when we can feel a bit of a chill in the air and the yearning for hot cider, hot spiced tea or warmed spiced latte.

But if I ask you to bring a dessert, you better not bring apple crumb, or cherry or for God’s sake, do no bring mincemeat. Often the favorite of some of my family members, I believed the tall tale about mincemeat being nothing more that chopped flies and raisins ! How unappealing each time I would be offered it during the Christmas season. To be truly fair to mincemeat, I decided to look into the real ingredients; leftover roast beef, apples,  spices and raisins.

I must admit, I stopped reading after the leftover roast beef part, ugh! how disgusting does that sound ? Yet every year, at Christmas, someone would ask for a mincemeat pie to be one of the desserts. It was truly only barely touched by a few. But if you have not tried this British treat, your taste buds might like it !

As for me, bring me a Sweet Potato pie ! Large, small, tarts; I love them all !

images-2Unknown images

This family favorite is often confused with pumpkin pie but believe me, there is a difference between sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. Please don’t ever say this in a conversation around me, if you can understand the difference between a sweet potato and a pumpkin; then surely you must realize that they produce two different types of pies . Remember, just because a cherry is red…you cannot call it a apple. ( did you get it ?)


images copy 4

Over the years I’ve eaten many a sweet potato pie but if you ever get to Harlem, you will find Sylvia’s Restaurant serves the best sweet potato pie. So, here’s my treat for you; Martha Stewart makes the Sylvia’s Restaurant Sweet Potato pie ! Is there anything Martha can’t do ?

So next time I ask you to bring the dessert; don’t even ask what kind!

And I’ll bet you thought I couldn’t end this blog with a song?

A little James Taylor please !!!!


14 thoughts on “Hey There Sweetie Pie !

  1. Sweet potatoes, yum. I love it. It’s used to be my daily after school snacks when I was growing up. Also my family and I used to harvest sweet potatoes from our own plantation.
    I can’t wait to try making a pie out sweet potatoes this fall season.


  2. a sweet potato, in my opinion, is an acquired taste. Personally the only way i have tried sweet potatoes is as tater tots and fries! i love those with some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top! YUM!


  3. I have never tried any pies made from sweet potato, but if they are pretty similar to sweet potato itself then I’m not sure I would enjoy them. If I saw a sweet potato pie I would certainly think it was a pumpkin pie and would probably think something was wrong with it.


  4. This year instead of making pecan pie and apple pie like I always do, I am making apple pie cookies and pecan pie cooks. I am so excited. They look like delicious bite sized pies!


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