Warm Drinks…Warm Words !

May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door. 

                                                                         Traditional Irish Toast

Disenchanted with Mother Nature’s refusal to give us autumn weather, there is still no need for me to not anticipate the pleasures of fall and conversations that arise.  After all, this is still a blog about communication and how to create conversational space.

images-2 imagesInspired by the Irish toast, here are several warm drinks which just may get your friends talking to each other :

At the top of the list is my favorite; egg nog. Why not make your own ?

Although many a tipsy word or two has been heard after drinking the nog; it does not always need to contain alcohol.


Hot hibiscus tea was recently the subject matter of one of my students. This has more going for it than just flavor ! While it can be served cold or hot; I just think this healthy drink is a nice alternative for folks hanging out in the kitchen.

And last, but certainly not least, let me introduce you to three ways to make hot chocolate :

May you share warm words this holiday season !



5 thoughts on “Warm Drinks…Warm Words !

  1. Hot chocolate is my favorite!!! I specially like an Ovaltine brand. Does not contain an artificial flavors or sweeteners. Nice to have a cup of hot chocolate after a very busy day.


  2. All this talks makes me want to sit by a fire with friends and drink some warm drinks. Im definitely going to try making those hot chocolate drinks,but I am not so sure about the egg nogg.


  3. Oh boy. I am a sucker for making fun drinks. Every holiday season I make my best attempt at Butterbeer (from Harry Potter World) and try new types of hot chocolate. My new fav is adding a kick of chili powder. Now I want to try the cayenne pepper tonight!! 😀 Wish me luck!
    Here’s a link if you enjoy vanilla/butterscotch drinks!


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