Diamond Rings and Old Barstools !


images copy 2   “images copy 4“I guess some things just don’t mix”

Tim McGraw


If you have not heard the tear jerker “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools ” released by Tim McGraw last fall; grab your tissues now because you know I’m gonna share it at the end.

The storytelling in this one caught my ear because it made me wonder why Tim was melancholy and what WORDS  I would offer.

Well Tim, here are some things that do mix…and I use them every time to chase my blues away:

Fajitas and Margaritas

Take two and call me in the morning Tim !
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Bread pudding and rum sauce



This is how to forget your troubles for sure; the hot buttered rum makes this awesome ! Have a cup of coffee with it.




Brown sugar and oatmeal 

Not just for breakfast; takes only a few minutes to make !

Read the directions on the Oatmeal box; no  special skills needed; crank  up your music.

imgres-1 copy 2


Fried shrimp and cole slaw

May need to head for the nearest seafood restaurant for this, but it will be worth the ride !

imgres copy 7

Now, let’s hear the song that brought me to write this blog.  And, if you have some blues chasing food ideas; send them to me…and  I’ll send them to Tim !


53 thoughts on “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools !

  1. Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools can definitely be seen as a tear-jerker. It is another one of Tim McGraw’s great songs. I definitely believe it is one of those songs that most people can relate to whether you are a fan of the genre or not. Growing up listening to country music, before all of this new trending contemporary “country,” it is almost always easy for me to relate my own personal life through these songs. Great song choice Professor Jones.


  2. I like your concept of using food in your blog. But, if your really looking for food to get over the blues. Well, soul food is what your looking. It’s the food for the soul. 🍲🍛🍲


  3. Sam Hunt- Break up in a small town. Is my recommendation and I’m more of a beer and wings kinda guy but fajitas can be just as nice.


  4. Sam Hunt – Break up in a small town or Take your time, are pretty good songs too. If you haven’t heard him then check him out. I know a local guy that’s in the process of releasing his first country album, his name is Don Gates he’s pretty good too


  5. Tim McGraw is a great country singer and it is a great song. You should go a little older and check out Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson two of my favorites.


  6. Tim McGraw is a great country singer and that song isnt too bad. You should go a little older and check out Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson two of my favorites.


  7. I just finished reading the Diamond Rings and Old Barstools blog. I tried watching the video but I just couldn’t do it. Country singers always seem to be in their feelings about something and it seems like they’re mostly sad. I know that’s not true, but listening to them makes me want to sit in front of my TV and eat a tub of ice cream while watching LMN. Even though country music doesn’t resonate with me, I’ll tell you what does: Food. I’m looking at those fajitas and my stomach is starting to growl. I’d probably have a Corona instead of the margarita too. So on that note, I think I’m going to go get something to eat because I’m hungry.


      • Just being honest Professor. I won’t make any promises, but maybe I’ll give Darius Rucker a try. In my Philosophy class, we’re learning how to open and expand our minds to topics that are foreign to us so I guess it can’t hurt.


      • Well what about the rest of my posts ? It’s not all country. I have a real nice one on Play it Forward and
        there is one with Alicia Keyes which is off the chain; another one with Pitbull. Give the whole Nicenbreezy
        a look !


  8. Great song, if you’re into songs with stories behind them, I would check out “You should be here” by Cole Swindell or “Springsteen” by Eric Church


  9. Love seafood but Hate Hate Hate oatmeal. I tried oatmeal once when I was 8 years old. Every since then I have never touched it since.


    • Thanks for reading my blog Liz; I think Country just grew on me recently; some of the songs are quite sad.
      A real tear jerker was just recommended by Markis, a member of our class; It is called ” Don’t take the Girl”
      by Tim McGraw. Pass the tissues please !


  10. Tim McGraw is about as country as it gets and his music reflects all that is country. This song can stir up memories and yes its a sad love song. So bar stools and diamond rings don’t really go together, many learned the hard way Im sure. If I had the chance to speak to Tim and offer suggestions on things that go together, I would suggest shooting clay pigeons or maybe enjoy some Jack & Coke while playing guitars around the fire pit. Food would not be a go to for me to get over the blues.


  11. Tim McGraw is the man. The guy has a beautiful wife and a great voice. I enjoyed this song as well. Sam Hunt has a great song out called Tare Your time that you might like.


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