You Suck at Cooking!


No, not you, well maybe you.  If you are a  recipe fanatic, gotta check it out on my Facebook Page, then you probably  have  already  viewed some of the Tastemade recipes. This popular site boasts over a million views a day !

(I should be so lucky!)



So, in my search to enhance ways to improve face to face communication, I have come across  a You Tube channel which not only brings unique recipes to the internet but adds a handful of conversation, a table spoon of sarcasm, some delicious humor and more than a cupful of creative editing.

If you are not careful, you may just fall in love with this premiere, most professional, incredible cooking show that doesn’t actually exist , EXCEPT INSIDE YOUR DELICIOUS MIND!

For example, Breaking Up Pasta


No he did not do that !

Want to put a new twist on kale ? Here’s a vegetable some  said, “Oh Hail No !”

How about some roasted  brussels  sprouts? This would be the perfect  munchie when watching your favorite Netflix movie; like “House of Cards !” ( oh Kevin Spacey you are so awesome !)imagesimages-1

But whether  you are a fan of Frank Underwood or not, this  brussels sprout video is clever:

And now for a beverage.  How about a blueberry smoothie ?

Don’t put that smoothie down just yet, join me with Chris Young, ( talkin’ about face to face to communication ! Wow!)




15 thoughts on “You Suck at Cooking!

  1. Oh no you didn’t say I suck at cooking Professor! Have you had one of my egg sandwiches? It’ll send you on a one way trip to YumYumVille. I found the videos to be funny; however, I doubt breaking up with a woman over pasta would be that simple. I think I got my six pack back after watching that brussel sprouts video. And that blueberry smoothie…I haven’t had one in a long time. The guy really likes to sing. Too bad about his women issues though. I may have to try some of these recipes. It’s a good thing I ate earlier, I’d be drooling all over my laptop if I didn’t. Oh, you’ll be proud of me. I watched the country video all the way to the end. Still not my cup of tea, but I still watched, and listened to it. See, I’m improving!


  2. My mouth is watering with all these delicious recipes ! (Looks like I know what I’m having for dinner!) Also the Chris Young song is one of my favorites ! Thank You for sharing with us.


  3. I’m glad that they found a way to incorporate humor into cooking which is a boring topic to me. I look forward to trying the smoothie that is shown.


  4. Oh really.. Apparently, you haven’t had my cooking.. I make the best PBnJ’s in the world. With that said, the video I enjoyed most was the smoothie one. I never thought about mixing peanut butter with blueberries before.. I’ll have to try that recipe one day.


  5. Oh my god, you found my weakness which is cooking shows and this guy is hilarious. I think I’m hooked. The one ingredient I left out was poison….wth? Lol. Just need something latin, Greek or chinese now because I think that’s who I was in a past life, can’t eat enough of those foods


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