About Me

IMG_0874Welcome to Nice n Breezy !

I am a Communications instructor on several college campuses in Florida. I teach students how to communicate better face-to face. . My blog is about how to create conversational areas in  your home.

To me, a good party, get together or just having a few friends over for coffee is enhanced by good conversation. So rare these days with everyone on their mobile device ! Here’s some suggestions on how to turn those awkward silent moments into memorable times with your guest. Whether at the dinner table, in the hallway or just hanging out in the kitchen; when you’re the host, good conversation is the key. So, turn off the television, light the fireplace, bring out the wine and start the conversation! You’ll be amazed how furniture arrangement, carefully selected wall art and color can make your entertaining moments memorable.



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Im not a fan of blogging, I don’t even like being on the computer.
    However, I am impressed with your blog Professor Jones.
    – Kyndall from speech 3102, 2:00 class.


  2. Hi Nrma,

    Delightful meeting you at Ellen’s soiree!

    I hope our paths cross again. And please know you’re welcome at the UU church anytime–and I hope you know I was only kidding about the $500 entrance fee!

    Andy LePage


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