You Suck at Cooking!


No, not you, well maybe you.  If you are a  recipe fanatic, gotta check it out on my Facebook Page, then you probably  have  already  viewed some of the Tastemade recipes. This popular site boasts over a million views a day !

(I should be so lucky!)



So, in my search to enhance ways to improve face to face communication, I have come across  a You Tube channel which not only brings unique recipes to the internet but adds a handful of conversation, a table spoon of sarcasm, some delicious humor and more than a cupful of creative editing.

If you are not careful, you may just fall in love with this premiere, most professional, incredible cooking show that doesn’t actually exist , EXCEPT INSIDE YOUR DELICIOUS MIND!

For example, Breaking Up Pasta


No he did not do that !

Want to put a new twist on kale ? Here’s a vegetable some  said, “Oh Hail No !”

How about some roasted  brussels  sprouts? This would be the perfect  munchie when watching your favorite Netflix movie; like “House of Cards !” ( oh Kevin Spacey you are so awesome !)imagesimages-1

But whether  you are a fan of Frank Underwood or not, this  brussels sprout video is clever:

And now for a beverage.  How about a blueberry smoothie ?

Don’t put that smoothie down just yet, join me with Chris Young, ( talkin’ about face to face to communication ! Wow!)



Diamond Rings and Old Barstools !


images copy 2   “images copy 4“I guess some things just don’t mix”

Tim McGraw


If you have not heard the tear jerker “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools ” released by Tim McGraw last fall; grab your tissues now because you know I’m gonna share it at the end.

The storytelling in this one caught my ear because it made me wonder why Tim was melancholy and what WORDS  I would offer.

Well Tim, here are some things that do mix…and I use them every time to chase my blues away:

Fajitas and Margaritas

Take two and call me in the morning Tim !
imgres copy 5imagesimgres






Bread pudding and rum sauce



This is how to forget your troubles for sure; the hot buttered rum makes this awesome ! Have a cup of coffee with it.




Brown sugar and oatmeal 

Not just for breakfast; takes only a few minutes to make !

Read the directions on the Oatmeal box; no  special skills needed; crank  up your music.

imgres-1 copy 2


Fried shrimp and cole slaw

May need to head for the nearest seafood restaurant for this, but it will be worth the ride !

imgres copy 7

Now, let’s hear the song that brought me to write this blog.  And, if you have some blues chasing food ideas; send them to me…and  I’ll send them to Tim !

Talkin’ About Country !




Some of my friends were surprised to hear of my sudden lean toward Country music.

I must admit, over the holidays, the Country sound became an ongoing radio selection, I Tune choice  and now, even the subject matter of my  blog.

From the communications stand point, I am in awe of the  expressive  story telling and how the artists have all had broken hearts ! Everyone seems to have a truck which is a bit different from rhythm  and blues music. And the guitar has a way of making the story even more compelling.

As my students return to classes for the Spring semester, I hope they will share with me what goes good with Country. We know beer is always the first choice but what about the snacks ? And is Country also about an attitude; such as being bold and brazen and confident ?  There are several songs that have made me laugh and cry this holiday season. “Break up  WIth   Him”  is one of them. How painfully explicit can it be to rip someone off like a band aid ?

If you haven’t heard this new twist on how to leave your lover for another; you too might enjoy Old Dominion:

And while break ups are not often  my  favorite conversational topic, the song

“Breaking Up in a Small Town “has given new meaning to moving on !

So now  that I have become a Country fan, I am looking to hear how to use this music to create conversations; engage students and maybe hear a few heartfelt stories.

And, as I mentioned earlier, how to enhance the music with food. How about beer battered onion rings ?



Or, my all time favorite; Coors Beer Chili:




But I would be remiss, if I did not conclude with this real heart toucher.

“Break on Me” is now the number one song on my  music billboard. .   Talkin’ about Country; this powerful ballad just makes my day ! Keith Urban, here’s looking at you !



Hey Yule…Pay it Forward !

Jones-9237b copy 3Let me put down my egg nog and say a few words to Yule.  You all…get it ?

I’ve been tucked away on a college campus for far too long this fall  and it’s time to come back to my blogging mode before the year is over.images

In Florida, McDonald’s cashier Marisabel Figueroa Lopez was working the drive-thru window last Wednesday when she says a woman drove up and told the employee that she wanted to pay for the car behind her.Unknown-1images

Can you imagine this image ?  I can; the other day, someone paid for my Starbuck’s skinny, upside down, grande, caramel  macchiato ,  without even knowing me ! When I arrived at the drive- thru window, the cashier said “The car in front already paid.”


I don’t know who it was; may or not ever see them again; all I remember is this is something I want to pass along to all those who read my blog and have a need to do something that will warm someone else’s heart this season.

One of my students said she enjoyed reading about the recipes I have shared in the past blogs.  And, while delighted that she even reads  Nicenbreezy,  I was awkwardly reminded that the intent of this  blog is about creating conversations…communication… and finding ways to connect with others.

And so, I am sending out a challenge to Yule ( y’all) to pay it forward this holiday season.

Find a drive -thru,  imgresa fast food restaurant or if you can, just look around in any place where you see the potential of being in a pay it forward situation.

You will love the feeling you get and you just might get a glimpse of someone smiling because you gave them an unexpected act of kindness.images-2

This is the season of giving and while you may not put a dollar in the Salvation Army kettle or may not give to the Food Bank, this pay it forward idea is hassle free !

Try it! And many, many thanks  to whoever paid for my Starbucks coffee at  Blanding and  Argyle Forest Blvd in Orange Park, FL. You are awesome !


Happy Holidays everyone; enjoy one of my favorite holiday songs : I’m playing it forward…for Yule !!




Warm Drinks…Warm Words !

May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door. 

                                                                         Traditional Irish Toast

Disenchanted with Mother Nature’s refusal to give us autumn weather, there is still no need for me to not anticipate the pleasures of fall and conversations that arise.  After all, this is still a blog about communication and how to create conversational space.

images-2 imagesInspired by the Irish toast, here are several warm drinks which just may get your friends talking to each other :

At the top of the list is my favorite; egg nog. Why not make your own ?

Although many a tipsy word or two has been heard after drinking the nog; it does not always need to contain alcohol.


Hot hibiscus tea was recently the subject matter of one of my students. This has more going for it than just flavor ! While it can be served cold or hot; I just think this healthy drink is a nice alternative for folks hanging out in the kitchen.

And last, but certainly not least, let me introduce you to three ways to make hot chocolate :

May you share warm words this holiday season !


Hey There Sweetie Pie !

images-3If I ask you to stop by the house for dessert, I may also ask you to bring the dessert!

Yes, just desserts with friends is becoming more and more a part of entertaining in the home; especially this time of year when we can feel a bit of a chill in the air and the yearning for hot cider, hot spiced tea or warmed spiced latte.

But if I ask you to bring a dessert, you better not bring apple crumb, or cherry or for God’s sake, do no bring mincemeat. Often the favorite of some of my family members, I believed the tall tale about mincemeat being nothing more that chopped flies and raisins ! How unappealing each time I would be offered it during the Christmas season. To be truly fair to mincemeat, I decided to look into the real ingredients; leftover roast beef, apples,  spices and raisins.

I must admit, I stopped reading after the leftover roast beef part, ugh! how disgusting does that sound ? Yet every year, at Christmas, someone would ask for a mincemeat pie to be one of the desserts. It was truly only barely touched by a few. But if you have not tried this British treat, your taste buds might like it !

As for me, bring me a Sweet Potato pie ! Large, small, tarts; I love them all !

images-2Unknown images

This family favorite is often confused with pumpkin pie but believe me, there is a difference between sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie. Please don’t ever say this in a conversation around me, if you can understand the difference between a sweet potato and a pumpkin; then surely you must realize that they produce two different types of pies . Remember, just because a cherry is red…you cannot call it a apple. ( did you get it ?)


images copy 4

Over the years I’ve eaten many a sweet potato pie but if you ever get to Harlem, you will find Sylvia’s Restaurant serves the best sweet potato pie. So, here’s my treat for you; Martha Stewart makes the Sylvia’s Restaurant Sweet Potato pie ! Is there anything Martha can’t do ?

So next time I ask you to bring the dessert; don’t even ask what kind!

And I’ll bet you thought I couldn’t end this blog with a song?

A little James Taylor please !!!!